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Call of Duty Mobile Free CP (COD Points)

If you are a Call of Duty mobile player then at least once in your mind the question arises how to get free COD Points or CP or you must have done a Google search how to get free Call of Duty Mobile Cod Points or CP. Hopefully after reading this whole article you will understand about free CP, so let’s get started.

First of all, when you search on Google, how to get call of duty mobile CP free. In search results you will see all the funny titles of different websites and different types of videos where they will show you how to generate call of duty mobile CP for free. You will find one thing in common in all these websites or videos, you will see that everyone will talk about a website and will give you a link and tell you how to do it.

Secondly, when you search on Google in the same way, you will see the call of duty mobile mod apk + obb file on some websites, where they will say Unlimited CP, Unlimited Health etc.

The fact is that all these websites or methods are fake. However, in mod apk you will get that feature but you will not be able to add the original account of your Call of Duty mobile, and if you add in any way then your account will be banned from Call of Duty. And if you think of generating free CP from those fake websites then you will make a bigger mistake. Because there will be malware on these websites or they will ask you to provide your personal details or details of the game which will hack your account very easily.

So how do you get free Call of Duty Mobile CP?

Many online Facebook pages and websites often host different matches, you can join them and win their prize money. Call of Duty also offers various events from mobile so you can organize events from there.

Let’s talk about a giveaway of our website this time.

free Call of Duty Mobile CP

From our website (The Gamers Mall) occasional call of duty mobile CP’s giveaway is given. You can easily get call of duty mobile CP from here by following some instructions.
Call of Duty Mobile Giveaway:
You can see by visiting the link above. Apart from Call of Duty Mobile, giveaway is also organized in different types of games.

If you are a good Call of Duty mobile player then you must buy Call of Duty Mobile CP. We request you will check the product of our website’s Call of Duty Mobile CP. Hope to get CP from other places at lowest price.

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