Free Fire Top 3 Best Places to Loot

Free Fire Top 3 Best Places to Loot

Weapon and supply loot in every battle royale game, including Free Fire, have a random chance of spawning. Meaning, it is not possible to get the same sniper rifle at the same spot every match. However, you can land onto locations that have the maximum loot spawn spots, which gives higher odds of finding your favorite weapons.

In this article we will share the best places to loot in Free Fire games 2020. let’s get sarted.

1. Stone Ridge

Risk: Medium

Stone Ridge is a point of interest in Kalahari, packed with many houses that have decent loot. As there is a lot of loot here, it automatically enhances your chances of getting good weapons and supplies for yourself and your teammates. Also, the scenic beauty of the place is very enchanting for players, and sets the mood for the match.

2. Brasilia

Risk: High

Brasilia is a loot spot in the Purgatory map, and has one of best quality of loot. There are a considerable number of houses here, which is a convenient way to collect more loot in lesser time. However, do be aware of enemies, as many people camp in this location. Hence, you could get ambushed if you are not careful with your location and sight. Thus, this is a high-risk, high-reward loot spot in Free Fire.

3. Mars Electric

Risk: Medium

Mars Electric is a landing spot in Bermuda map, which has one of the best quality of loot in Free Fire. The location is quite open and spacious, so if you land faster than your enemies, you should get decent loot. This will help eliminate nearby enemies and have a solid start to the game.

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