Mobile Legends Starlight Membership Plus


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Mobile Legends Starlight Membership Plus:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Diamonds is the game currency. Top Up Mobile Legends Diamonds and It is allow you to upgrade the membership and purchase in-game items such as weapons skins, clothes, parachutes, crates and many more.

The Gamers Mall sells Mobile Legends Starlight Membership Plus at a very cheap price and super fast delivery. Buy Mobile Legends Starlight Membership Plus is a very easy process, you need to just provide your Player ID and Name. Now Top Up Mobile Legends Diamonds low price using our 100+ Local and International payment channel. Our Service is Open 24/7 and we Guaranteed satisfactory top up service.


What is a Starlight membership (Mobile Legends):

A Starlight membership is one of the ways that Mobile Legends makes money off the game that actually has some value to you. It’s a monthly thing that you can choose to renew. It expires after a month, by default.

When you’re a Starlight member you get:

  • A pretty new border around your game avatar. It lasts one month.
  • A new skin for that month’s featured hero. This skin is rare because it will only be available to Starlight members and only for that month. After a year or so, Moonton will re-release the skin through some other in-game promo or through the Shop under Fragments>Rare Skins. Some people like to collect these skins and so like all collectors they are willing to shell out the cash.
  • Access to more heroes than you currently own, for ranked and non-ranked play. This is a great alternative for enjoying more of the game at a faster pace than saving up the gold to buy those characters. You could afford to buy a new character once a month through regular hard play just to expand your hero choices by one per month.

So that’s what you get from Starlight membership. If any of these things appeals to you, try it out for a month. If not, then you can play perfectly happily without it. I know I do.

Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for Android

About Mobile Legends Bang Bang:

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the most popular MOBA mobile game. It’s real-time 5v5 PVP battles similar to League of Legends. Fight over 3 lanes to take the enemy’s tower. 4 jungle areas. 18 defense towers. 2 Wild Bosses. Complete reproductions of classic MOBA maps. Full-on 5v5, Human vs. Human battles. There are 19 heroes and more being added from time to time. Leveling up, getting experience and gold to unlock heroes.


Important Information:

  • Mobile Legends Top Up process DOES NOT require your account details such as Login Account and Login Password.
  • You may stay logged in throughout the transaction
  • Once the top up is done, you will receive the Diamonds in-game immediately.


What is the difference between Starlight and Starlight Plus?

The difference between Starlight Member and Starlight Member Plus is quite simple. For Starlight Members you get rewards worth 2800 Diamonds. As for Starlight Member Plus, the total rewards are worth 6000 Diamonds.



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