Credit/Debit Cards Verification

Card holder has to send authorize email and it should be in
our authorized format (attested) along with documents

To Complete your order please provide below information:

  • National Identification Card, Driving Licenses, or Passport copy
  • Card front side photo (visible only first 6 digit & last 4 digit)
  • Order Number

Send us email Including your order number and required documents to [email protected]

Note: If you don’t provide this documents within 24 hours and Card holder name and Other information doesn’t match with your providing documents, then your order will be cancelled.

Important: Please blank out other information that you deem sensitive. If you are using a credit card.

Guidelines on how to blank out sensitive information on a credit/debit card.

Front of the credit/debit card AFTER blank out:

A screenshot of a cell phone
Description automatically generated

We may request for additional documentation if we are unable to verify the order details due to communication barriers or outdated information. All documents received will remain private and confidential and used for verification purposes only. If you wish to skip this verification step or if for any reasons, your credit card or PayPal payment has been rejected, we would advise you to pay using others payment method