Likee Diamonds

How to top-up Likee Live Diamond:

  1. Choose your currency.
  2. Select the Diamond denomination from this page.
  3. Enter your Likee ID and Name
  4. Checkout and select your payment method.
  5. After you complete your order/payment, Likee Diamonds that you purchased will be added to your Likee Account shortly.

How to find Likee ID:

  1. Use your account to login the Likee Live.
  2. Click on your Likee profile picture on the top-left corner.
  3. Click “View or Edit your Profile“.
  4. Your Likee ID will be displayed below your Likee profile name.

What is Likee Apps:

Likee is a short video creation and sharing app, available for iOS and Android operating systems. It is owned by Singaporean tech firm BIGO Technology, whose parent company is JOYY Inc, a form listed on NASDAQ. The founder of Likee is entrepreneur from Singapore, Jason Hu, who previously worked for JOYY.

Get Free Likee Apps:

Google Play

Apps Store

Why Likee:
  • A Popular Special Effects Short Video Maker and Editor
  • A Global Live Stream and Friends Making Community
  • Viral Videos and Creative Contents all around the World

All Likers are real, creative and full of passion just like you. Watch and edit editors & go live in likee. Now Join Likee community and explore more than you like.

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